This is an online Portfolio of the architect Orion Campos. All the projects show here were made exclusively by me, Orion Campos, or together with other people, and at those cases with me as one of the main authors and clearly informed the role.


· Master Architect by IAAC Barcelona working in an architecture office in Bangkok, with more than six years working experience in all architectural design phases in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Bangkok (Thailand) of which more than three years were using parametric softwares and digital fabrication tools professionally;
· Experience in construction, furniture design and fabrication also using digital fabrication tools with teaching experience in Brazil, Spain, Norway, Thailand and Philippines; and
· Interested at domestic digital fabrication and domestic electronics creation, called “Maker Movement” and its impact and the professional use of digital fabrication tools, specially in Architecture.

For the online curriculum, please click HERE(outdated version), or click HERE(outdated version) to download the complete Curriculum PDF version (only 66kb).

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