This is an online Portfolio of the architect Orion Campos. All the projects show here were made exclusively by me, Orion Campos, or together with other people, and at those cases with me as the main author.

eu• I hold a master’s degree in architecture by IaaC Barcelona.
• More than 8 years of working experience as an architect and designer in all phases of an architectural project, including team management.
• From concept to execution, I’ve worked in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain) and Bangkok (Thailand).
• For the last 6 years I’ve professionally used Parametric Softwares and Digital Fabrication tools.
• Not only an expert in Grasshopper 3D, but I have knowledge in a variety of other softwares, including being a Revit Architecture Certified Professional by Autodesk. 
• My other interests include coding and electronics, which lead me to teach, for the past years,  students in workshops in Brazil, Spain, Norway, Thailand, Philippines and Israel. 
• Simplified Chinese beginner level (HSK Level 1 certified).

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