Sensitive Shelters Workshop

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Tutor at the Abrigos Sensíveis (Sensitive Shelters) Workshop, from June 24 to July 01 2014, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, together with other tutors, where students divided among five groups oriented by the tutors produced interactive projects using electronics and robotics, together with digital fabrication tools and parametric softwares (

Group 1 development and final prototype:

abrigossensiveis11 abrigossensiveis12 abrigossensiveis13 abrigossensiveis21

Group 2 development and final prototype:

abrigossensiveis22 abrigossensiveis23

Group 3 development and final prototype:

abrigossensiveis31 abrigossensiveis32 abrigossensiveis33 abrigossensiveis34

Group 4 development and final process:

abrigossensiveis41 abrigossensiveis42 abrigossensiveis43abrigossensiveis44

Group 5 development and final prototype:

abrigossensiveis51 abrigossensiveis52abrigossensiveis53abrigossensiveis54 abrigossensiveis55