Mercedes Benz MAR2020 Thailand and Vietnam Furniture Supplier Certified

{(Bangkok, Surat Thani, Chiang Rai) Thailand & (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi) Vietnam}

3D modeling, construction drawing detailing, prototype development, CNC Router cutting files creation, CNC Router operation management, project execution management, team management, client communication, export documentation development and export management of a series of furnitures for Mercedes Benz Showrooms in Thailand and Vietnam.

As an effort to re-brand themselves, Mercedes Benz developed an new visual identity to be implemented all over the world. This new concept includes a change of the architectural spaces of its showrooms at big scale (the facade of the building, form and materials that are allowed to be used, organization of its internal spaces, etc.) and small scale (all the furnitures inside the showroom area, their form, materials, dimensions, etc.).

The project of those furnitures were made by Mercedes Headquarters in Germany, and sent to main regions of the world to be executed by selected architecture and design companies. Those companies would need to follow the initial plans to the millimeter, also follow the exact material and execute the furniture accordingly, in order to receive a group of auditors that would analyze  the built pieces, and grant (or not) the permission to be the unique responsible of executing the furniture of the region. In this case Thailand-Vietnam region.

In order to reach this level of precision, it was necessary to use digital fabrication tools, such as CNC Router and Plasma Cutter machine.

Based on initial drawings, some design issues demanded a deep investigation, mainly through Virtual Modeling.

A series of 1:1 scale prototypes were produced through digital fabrication, including 3D printing and Plasma Cut. After a series of tests, the files were cut via Plasma Cut and CNC Router, and the furnitures produced.

After the pieces were prepared, they are transported to the construction site and installed.

The products were made in a vast quantity and exported and transported to many places.