ReVolta Chair

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Poject submitted to the “Micasa DesignBR Award” and finalist at the top five, a major Brazilian design furniture store, but not awarded.

The rocking chair ReVOLTA, is a response to the large amount of garbage that a digital printing shop with a plotter printer produces, mainly cardboard tubes which after serving to feed the printer are discarded and generally collected by Brazilian garbage pickers known as “catadores de lixo”. Made from those cardboard tubes, the chair takes advantage of its strength, lightness and circularity, giving a new use for a material without previous added value. The chair would be assembled by garbage pickers in their cooperatives or recycling centers, where they could sell this new product with a higher profit than if they would get selling only the material of which they are made.

Since the meaning of “Revolta” is rebellion and “volta” is to come back, this rocking chair would have a social function and help increase awareness about the garbage problem.

revoltachair1 revoltachair2 revoltachair3