(Barcelona, Spain)

Electronic developing of the first portable working prototype of a toy for kids under medical treatment. After the initial electronic development, this stage of prototype needed to improve the electronic part and the code by allowing the portability of the toy by implanting the charging system with inductive charges, Lipo batteries, Lipo chargers, etc. together with the test of the developed OLED (flexible LED), also initiating the development of the interface and the experience of the patient.

GloBuddys is a patient experience tool for kids between the ages of 4-8, to positively distract and manage stress throughout different stages of a healthcare visits. It uses story telling as a fundamental principle to engage kids through- out the visit and enable them to comply with the healthcare process. It offers a unique communication platform between kids, their parents and the healthcare providers better understand and support children to cope with discomfort and anxiety.

Author of the project: László Herczeg and Fuelfor team ( (

Electronic development: Orion Campos