Incheon Restaurant (Stand)

Virtual modeling and script development, prototype development and execution coordination along with the office Kiren Gym Architects of a pannel for a restaurant stand in Bangkok, Thailand.

The restaurant stand is from the brand Incheon, a Korean restaurant witch its main dishes include chickens. Also, its logo depicts a chicken.

The pannel concept developed from: the budget of the client, which was limited; the available time for fabrication; the fact that the stand would stay in a recently open Mall in Bangkok, so the construction method should be quick and efficient and also the available space for the stand, which included a concrete collum in the middle of the main facade.

The pannel was made of laminated MDF, which was cut by a CNC Router all ready with the necessary identification of the pieces, sandpapered and impermeabilised.  The detail showing the logo of the brand on the pannel was later painted red, which, together with the wood laminated wood, gave an aspect of simplicity and coziness.