Conceptual development, prototype development, project coordination and execution along with the office SUBdV of the construction of a building that will house showroom, administration and deposit of a factory.

The project began collecting the data with the client and modeling the existing building.

By the need to have such different areas as a cover for the discharge area of the factory, a small deposit, the change of all employees of administrative part and a showroom, we chose the vertical organization of space as an option.

The budget was a big limitation. We chose to use the maximum possible uncoated materials with maximum possible functions. In this way the floor was made ​​of raw polished concrete, walls of structural concrete block, and all the wiring would be apparent, being the architect responsible to organize all these elements coherently and harmoniously with each other.

By proximity to a cargo area of trucks from the factory (much more used than the discharge area) on the west facade of the building, was thought a system of skin facade that would block the unpleasant sound of trucks and the excess of the afternoon sun light. This facade would allow the entry of light and ventilation. Thus it was thought a simple glass facade that would be covered by a brick facade that would be arranged erratically to avoid the propagation of sound, and spaced in order to allow the environment to be illuminated properly.

The arrangement of these bricks was made ​​parametrically since the preliminary studies. Reference projects were researched to see how this type of wall was executed. By the low budget, a robotic arm was out of question thus was thought a method to dispose the bricks through cardboard guides cut in laser cutters, whose profile was obtained parametrically from the virtual model. These guides were arranged along each row of bricks, supported by a shelf of wood cut on a CNC Router. Later the bricks would be layered by the traditional method by a traditional bricklayer, the cardboard guides would be discarded and the bookshelf would be moved to the side to be made ​​a new section of the wall.

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