Ecotopia by SOFTlab NYC

(Bangkok, Thailand)

CNC Router cutting files creation, CNC Operation Manager, Execution Manager of the structure designed by SOFTlab NYC for an installation at a Shopping Mall.

The installation was designed with the theme of ecological sustainability based on the products that were going to be displayed in a shopping mall in Bangkok. A tessellation of recycled lasercut pieces designed parametrically, which pieces would be hanged at a CNC Router cut wood structure. My task was to fabricate and coordinate the installation of this structure at night through a 20 days period.

The initial base plan was studied. Visiting the site, issues that might interfere at the project were identified and sent to the architects. Specific issues such as columns and ceiling edges where identified at the plan and the architects were informed.

With the received geometry for being cut, all the CNC files were generated. The pieces were cut in 36 20mm sheets of plywood.

The cut pieces were sealed and painted, then transported to the site on groups. After marking the points of the hangers using a laser from the marked points on the floor, the pieces started to be installed. Leveling and final adjustments were made. The painting is corrected if there is any damage.

The tessellation pieces where installed. The paper leafs were attached randomly. Following, detail of the final result.