Kinetic Structures Workshop

(Jerusalem, Israel)

Main tutor at the Kinetic Structures Workshop, from January 7th to January 14th, 2018, at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Department of Architecture, Jerusalem, Israel, in which 4th and 5th year students of Architecture where taught by Orion Campos, during a one week workshop, the basics on electronics and Arduino to create interactive models.

At the first two days, classes of basic Electronic, Arduino, Grasshopper 3D and Firefly took place. Teaching from the very beginning electronic concepts, the classes created a base for the participants to develop their own projects during the remain of the week.

At the second phase, the participants informed about their projects they were developing at school alone or in couples and the tutors guided them to possible outputs they could aim. They were divided into four groups with two projects per group. The division was made based on technical similarities among them i.e. both projects would use temperature sensors, both projects would use LED’s, both projects would use a distance sensor, both projects would use Firefly. This division was made in order to optimize the time to develop the code for each group and to assemble the electronics of each group, since both would use the same components and (almost) the same code. Grouping them by technical similarities would encourage the groups to develop the projects together and learn and help each other.

The final working prototypes were presented after 7 days, made from people who had none experience at electronics.

Conceptual development, organization, creation of classes and main tutoring by Orion Campos.

Organization and assistant tutoring by Ran Shabtay and Natanel Elfassy

Group 1.1

Group 1.2

Group 2.1

Group 2.2

Group 3.1

Group 3.2

Group 3.2