High Low

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Project developed during a class of six months given by visiting professor Anne Save the Beaurecueil and teacher Gabriela Celani in the Campinas State University and rated with the highest score by the teachers.

The intervention area is an abandoned army barrack from the early 20th century under control of the State Police, a square occupied by homeless people with access to the subway and close to a bus terminal, and a soccer field occupied by a soccer school for poor children that lives in the region coordinated by a former prostitute. The project started from the idea to unite the three different land uses, improving access from the subway and creating bleachers that houses a restaurant for homeless people, a museum where police officers could teach self defense classes for women in the region, and improving the infrastructure of the soccer school by creating a football field bleachers. The access were improved and everything was connected to the rest of the city by underground or on the same level passages.

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