Sacred Space

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Project submitted to the “International Competition of Ideas of the Integral Treatment of Five Public Squares at Jr. Ancash – historic center of Lima”, and selected for popular vote but not awarded.

The design began with an analysis of the area through data. Through this was identified the importance of three Catholic churches on the identity of these five squares and information about flow of vehicles and the main uses of buildings. Restricting secondary flows and differentiating the main flows, it was created underground vehicles and pedestrians passages and by this way unlinking the automobile space from the pedestrian space. The areas of all streets crossing the squares were refurbished, creating a visual identity for the site through the deployment of wide sidewalk equipped with urban furnishings along the Jirón. This new path would be on a single level, and high-rise in relation with the automobiles path, valuing the pedestrians above cars.

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